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Peak Lifting Solutions is the premier provider of glass, stone & metal handling equipment. As an industry leader, we can assist your company in finding the right equipment.

Our experienced sales team can help you find the material handling equipment you need. Our sales staff can help you find machines that will do the following:

Prevent Injuries to Your Staff

Quality products from Peak Lifting Equipment follow the highest safety standards of the industry. Whether you are looking for vacuum lift systems or something to move your stone slab bundles, safety is one of our top priorities.

Save You Money on Labor Costs

Our expert sales team can help you find machines that save you money. Our slab lifters are rated to lift stone at incredibly high weights. If you are part of the stone, glass, and metal  industry, these machines will help you reduce costs.

Save You Time on Stressful Jobs

Our glass, stone, and metal lifting machines prioritize simplicity. The easy instructions and usage of our glass, stone, and metal lifting equipment will ensure you can get the job done quickly. The ease of use behind these machines also ensures you can get things done right. 


We Help your Industry To Utilize The best Equipment to get the job done



An Experienced Sales Staff Ready to Help You

Our staff knows how to find the right stone, glass, and metal lifting equipment for your needs. We also offer transportation racks (like glass or stone racks) for easy movement throughout your factory or warehouse. 

A Quick Financing Process

Our financing process can get you any piece of equipment you need. The process is quick, easy, and painless. Our approach is simple to understand so that you can pay at the best rates available. 

A Wide Range of Machines for Any Needs

Whether you work at the construction site or in a factory setting, our machines work in many environments. This flexibility ensures that you can get the stone and glass equipment that works for your needs. 

Our team also offers solutions for your critical storage needs. Whatever you need, we’ve got the solution for it.